Shortcuts and Technical Debt

Short cuts = Technical Debt.

There are times when it’s ok to take a shortcut.
When we mindfully make that decision, for whatever reasons, we need to make sure there’s a plan in place to correct that before the accrued debt becomes so large that it impacts the system significantly.

When you have an experienced team implementing your #Salesforce or #MicrosoftDynamicsCRM solution, they will be very cognizant of ensuring a high standard of code and build.

Mature partners would institute technical ways of working, that includes library of code snippets for reusable functionality, saving time. These ‘shortcuts’ are a result of experience, and should be used wherever technically feasible.

Hacks based on laziness, without proper thought, will always accrue bad technical debt; where the impact may sometimes lay in wait for ‘surprise’ appearance at a later stage.

I know a contract biztalk developer who had a habit of laying little time bombs in all of his jobs, and wherever I come across his work – I’d know what to look for.
He knew what he was doing.
He just didn’t care.

Trust me – Word gets around, and it’ll follow you around like a bad smell.

And you don’t want to be “that” guy. 🐟 🤢

Day 10 of my #30daysofvideos challenge


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