“Follow your passion”… without context?

“Chase your dreams. The consequences are often minimal.”

This is similar to “Follow your passion to build the life of your dreams.”

I feel that motivational phrases like these may be very misleading, and while I do believe that passion and dreams are important, there are other factors to think about.

Would you say this to an aspiring musician who’s a single mother with two young babies? To join a band, leave her kids and chase her dreams?

What about a someone who is the sole carer of disabled parents? Should she abandon them to seek her fortune designing murals which is her passion?

There are many who are currently constrained by circumstances that may need sacrifice and the temporary shelving of the dreams while we try and grind our way and just survive through rough times.

I’m trying to teach this to my idealistic little ninjas.
Yes, YouTubers can be successful.
Yes, you can be a FortNite champion and win lots of money.
Yes, you can be an elite virtual sports gamer and be set for life.

But you need to get the foundations right, build the skills for emotional intelligence and critical thinking, so that you can make the right choice at the right time in your life, to serve you and those around you.

Motivational quotes without context can be dangerous.


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