Salesforce Project Management & CRM

#Salesforce Project Management.
It’s very similar to almost any other CRM or enterprise #ProjectManagement – especially as a Consultant with a Partner.

You have to manage the
– Budget & Financial Planning
– People (Team, Client, Stakeholders, Vendors & Partners)
– Project (Scope, Risks & Plan)

These are the basic ingredients of any project, but whether they turn out to be a 🧇 or 🥞 or 🍰 or 🍩 – depends on what it is you want to achieve.

How you do it – what methodology, tools and processes that you use, will depend on organisation maturity and culture in understanding #CRM.

Do you waterfall, scrum, agile, hybrid or kanban the delivery?
Remember that these are just tools.

The mark of someone who practices #CriticalThinking is one who isn’t married to any set tools or dogma, but one who evaluates the situation and selects the most appropriate approach.

Just because Agile works for one situation, doesn’t mean that it will work for all projects and organisations. It requires a mindset to leverage its benefits for continuous improvement.

As Ninja#1 says – to kill a zombie 🧟‍♂️ in Minecraft* you also can
– decapitate it
– push it into lava
– slice it with a Diamond Sword

Always use the right tool for the right situation.


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