Hot potato of Consultancy

Some #Salesforce or #Microsoft Partners play ‘Hot Potato’ with the projects they sell, and it’s a rotten way to do business.

Sometimes a culture of ‘silo’ed way of thinking develops unconsciously as an organisation grows, which can develop bad habits within its operational processes.

Sales will do whatever they can to close the deal, which may frequently include overpromising on what can be delivered.
Because – commission.

Delivery will fulfil the bare ‘minimum’ of the Statement of Work, because project is likely to be underestimated, and the overworked team will have little room for a Quality Layer.
Because – utilisation.

Then Managed Services, or Support – will get handed a project and a client, who may not be totally happy with the services rended so far, and feel totally and utterly crapped on.

It’s a vicious cycle, and it takes strong leadership to recognise it, and create a more collaborative culture perhaps by changing compensation structure.

As Delivery, I always try to create rapport with Sales and with Managed Services.

We are #OneTeam – and I need to know how I can make everyone’s job better.

Perhaps I can help more with the bids and RFP?
Or create a better support handover process?

When a customer is happy, we all win. ❤


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