Disposing of illicit sexual toys

His job was to break into homes to find the erotic toys and other sexual paraphernalia and get rid of them.

In the mid 1980’s Chuck volunteered at a hospice where most of the residents were dying of AIDS.

He talked to the residents, and spent time with them.
Sometimes, he was asked to remove all the evidence so that the deceased family members would never find out their secret when they died.

Chuck Palahniuk, who would go on to write Fight Club, talked about this very intimate human thing he did and how it changed him.

To remove all traces of the person’s private ‘self’, the side of them that they would never ever share with their closest and dearest, is almost like erasing their very existence.

I believe our deepest human need is
To be seen for who we are.
To be heard.
To be understood.

When we have to hide this very personal part of ourselves, we are denied this basic human need.

And to die, without ever sharing this part of us to those we love, is so tragically sad.

So #BeKind.
Open your heart and your mind.
The one closest to you may be hiding because they fear your judgement.

See them for who they are.
Hold a safe space for them to just, be.

Do something intimately human with another person today.
Let them share their soul with you. 🌹


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