Lighten your burden

How can you listen to so much darkness and not let it taint your soul and spirit?
As a listening volunteer with Samaritans, I hear this question quite a bit.

We support our callers who are going through emotional turmoil, who are sometimes very suicidal and we hear some very difficult calls.
Without the support our amazing leaders and support team within the branch and organisation, we really couldn’t function.

Just like our callers, the act of talking is like sharing the burden that´s weighing down our soul.
This alone, lightens the load on our shoulder.

I don’t know if our frontline services – the doctors, nurses, paramedics, key workers – who go through more visceral experience get the same kind of support, but we are there for them too.

Listening is something we can all do for each other.
It´s a gift you can give that costs nothing.
Nothing except a bit of time.
And #Kindness. 🌹


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