I love working with data.nI was… no, I am, a data nerd.n…

I love working with data.
I was… no, I am, a data nerd.
SQL queries, databases, manipulating data and records.

You always know where you are, why things aren’t right, and how to fix them.

Solving people problems isn’t quite as easy.
There are no manuals, handbooks, or standard operating procedures for how to handle Life, so most people do the best they can.

Humans are so beautifully diverse, so gloriously different that it does not make sense to try and shoe horn people into stereotypes and pigeon holes of expectations.

The covid virus is here to stay, in some shape or form, and it has changed our lives irrevocably.

Everyone is dealing with this seismic shift in their own way, some coping well, others not so much.

Don’t place your expectations unto others.
There is no one way of dealing with this, or we’d all have got out into the other side by now.

Understand that everyone is suffering differently.

Just because you didn’t lose your job doesn’t mean that you’re not terrified of what’s around the corner for your family.

Just because you’re the Big Boss doesn’t mean that you don’t have sleepless nights about how to make payroll this month, and keep your people’s livelihood intact.

It doesn’t cost anything to #bekind
We need #empathy now more than ever.

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