When you start a Role-Playing game like Dungeon & Dragons, y…

When you start a Role-Playing game like Dungeon & Dragons, you roll a dice to determine your attributes – strength, stamina, dexterity, health etc.

Because in real life, everyone is born with different stats for the various life attributes.

I’ve been thinking about Resiliency, why some people appear tough enough to withstand life’s curve balls, while others wither visibly when the wrong word is said.

Sometimes a safe and secure childhood helps to create a strong individual as they grow up into adulthood.
And sometimes the opposite is true, where the grown ups hurl abuse, unkindness and cruelty at a child, shattering their sense of who they are.

They grow up, with invisible cracks, and may apply a facade of ego to hide what’s underneath.
They may be defensive, angry, confusing, and untrusting.
They may get in and out of bad relationships, make poor decisions, and have trouble changing behaviour and learning from past mistakes.

I’ve spent years listening to our callers as a Samaritan volunteer, and I see a pattern.
I know that people sometimes do not show their weaknesses in the face of adversity, but crumble as soon as no one’s looking.

Know that many people have invisible cracks, and your thoughtless comment may be what shatters them irrevocably.

It costs nothing to #bekind
You don’t know the hidden demons they may be battling.


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