“What are the qualities of a good consultant?”nI was asked …

“What are the qualities of a good consultant?”
I was asked this last week.

I can only answer from the perspective of a Project Manager whose primary focus within the Consulting industry is in assembling High Performing Teams every single time – leapfrogging Tuckman’s Storming and Norming model.

For me, it is two indispensible qualities:
Conscientiousness and Emotional Intelligence.

It’s someone I can put in a group, who can instantly perform at the highest level.

Someone who is conscientious – who have very deep care for the quality of the work produced, tells me that she will not go for short cuts, and will make sure she does the job well.

Emotional intelligence covers a few areas.

A Consultant who is Self-Aware, will be open to constructive feedback, and thus will learn from mistakes and accelerate her growth and self-development in a way that one who is unaware will not.

If she is able to manage her Self, that also tells me that she can govern her instinctive feelings and keep disruptive emotions and impulses in check. It tells me that she is resilient and can handle adversity well.

Being socially aware allows her to ‘hear’ what other people are saying (and what they are not), which means that she is able to create and maintain social relationships.

All the above serves to make the Consultant truly indispensible.

In a Consulting Partner, the members of the assembled teams may not have worked with each other before, and it is crucial that we can ‘hit the ground running’.

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