I was at this one client site up north, where the employees …

I was at this one client site up north, where the employees had mouth-watering exquisite lunches served up by a Michelin star chef.

Gourmet food, steak, ribs, lobster, scallops, prawns, sea bream, salmon, all sorts of amazing, mouth watering food, some cooked to order.
Weekly changes in menu, locally sourced fresh produce and organic meat and seafood.

All subsidied.

For me and my team, who are used to a rushed Pret at our desk, this was absolute heaven.

Those meals would have cost upwards of £100, and there, it was cheaper than a sandwich and a drink.

I’d chat to the chef daily, always complimenting him on the amazing spread that he meticulously planned, sourced, and got his team to prep and cook to perfection.

And he was always grateful for my comments, reflecting on how the employees had not only taken his craft for granted, but have resorted to complaining.

I was utterly gobsmacked.

But that’s human nature, is it not?
To take for granted what you have every day.

Until the day you haven’t got it anymore.

And that’s what we are feeling now, in the wake of this pandemic.
The things we miss.
Cooking Oil.
Going out to the shops.
Catching a movie.
Dinner with friends.
Mothers day brunch.

In this horrible cloud we are under, there are a few silver linings to be found.

Gratitude for what we have for now, because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

I’ve always practiced daily gratitude.
My list has just grown longer now.


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