I was going to read the whole Encyclopædia Britannica from A…

I was going to read the whole Encyclopædia Britannica from A to Z.

I told Andrew, who was suffering from brain tumour, that I’d bring him on the journey and regale him with all the facts I learnt until we were the two smartest people in England.

I took volume ‘A’ every where I went, and even ‘almost lost’ it at Clapham junction this one time, when I was so exhausted after work that I left my bag (with laptop and volume A!) at the station.

It took me a few moments before I realised, and panicked! I knew that in London, if an unattended bag is found at a station – it is removed and destroyed (security policy from when the IRA terrorist attacks happened many years ago).

I was a lot more worried about the loss of volume ‘A’ than I was about my laptop, and got off at the next station to get on the train going back the opposite direction.

To my relief, it was still there, and I silentlly thanked my lucky stars.

Andrew did not make it past Easter that year, but we both learned about Aadvarks and Abalones (did you know they have 5 buttholes?!) all the way up to the shenanigans of the various Prince Abduls and the royal intrigues in Medieval Middle East.

He taught me so much.
Courage, honour, kindness, compassion.

I giggle inside and think of him every time I meet someone worth calling an Abalone, especially when they exceed Jerk level 100.

And also, one day, I will finish that Encyclopædia.

I was just thinking of him a lot today, and felt I needed to write this.

If you have lost someone, and you’re grieving with no one to talk to, call Samaritans 116 123.


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