A team that has chemsitry, where the group dynamics just wor…

A team that has chemsitry, where the group dynamics just works – is magic.

It’s like conducting an orchestra, where everyone knows their part – playing from the same music sheet, and making exquisite music. 🎵

There’s something about working in a highly functioning team that is so much more than a sum of its parts. Each individual may bring their specific skillset to the table, contributing value to the project.

Getting the chemistry right allows the individuals to magnify the collective performance of each other.

There is some team mix that feel like a high school dance. You’re awkward, and you don’t know how to fit in. Conversation is stilted and you’re not sure how to bring your point across.

A big part of my job as a Project Manager is to accelerate the storming-norming-performing journey of that team so that they can quickly shift focus from figuring out how to work with each other, to the actual work at hand.

The only real tool that I have is whole-hearted active listening.

To listen and observe each individual, and try to understand who they are, and what motivates them. I make it safe for them to share insecurities with me, so that I may find a way to help them overcome it.

For me – a new project with new team members is an opportunity to craft a high functioning team on an adventure to deliver great software.

And mastering a craft is something that brings me deep joy.

My wish for you today, is to discover joy by mastering a craft that delights you. 💓


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