I was talking to a seasoned Project Manager who felt trapped…

I was talking to a seasoned Project Manager who felt trapped.
While she was extremely good at her work, she hated it, and said that her soul was slowly dying.

“But how do I figure out what I love?”
You do that by trying a lot of things.

“But what if I fail?”
You get up and you try again.

“But I don’t to fail.”
Then be prepared to stay where you are for as long as you hold that belief.

Failure is the path to growth, learning
– who you are
– what you’re good at
– what you’re bad at
– what you love
– what you hate
– what’s important to you

Failure builds character, and paves the path for future successes.

In the current state of uncertainty, there is an even bigger fear of not wanting to ‘rock’ the raft that we are clinging on.

When I probed a little bit more, I found out that what she was really afraid of, was letting go of what she had, to leap forward into new things.
Her identity had been wrapped around the prestige of being a senior PM at a Big Consultancy, and realised that she had Golden Handcuffs on.

Many of our identities need to evolve as we grow, and to hold on tight to something because of fear, means we are robbing ourselves from experiencing the beauty of growing and learning.

Daughter, Friend, Student, Employee, Manager, Partner, Wife, Parent, Mentor… there are so so many stages of life we go through that we can claim as our identity.
Some stay for life.
Some come and go.

Know which one to hang on to, and which one to move from.
That’s the secret of growing up.


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