If you had to rate your day, every single day, with a score …

If you had to rate your day, every single day, with a score from -2 to 2, what would the average score look like for 2020?

I’ve been listening to Jim Collins, and how he religiously does this – mainly to manage his state from moment to moment, as well as to find patterns.
If the day looks like a -1, and it isn’t yet bedtime – what else can be done to move it to a 0?

I’ve not done a daily rating exercise, but if I look back at my year, I would average a ‘1’, despite a lot of things that has gone on.

If my day looks like it’s turning out to be a -1 or a crap day, I try to find a way to make it better:
– connect with a friend
– catch up with parents about their day
– helping littlest ninja with bath, and spending extra long drying her hair
– extra long bedtime cuddle and chat with each little ninjas
– fold laundry into little packets of ‘happy’
– watch Ricky Gervais’ “After Life” or “Derek”
– or chuckle over standup of my favourite comedian/comedienne

Overall though, the easiest way to help move that needle upwards is #gratitude.


To be grateful for what I have, for what I’ve become, for the people around me.

And laughter.
Little ninja: Mum, why does Santa have 3 gardens?
Me: I dunno. Why?
Little ninja: So he can ho ho ho!

I’m savouring these jokes before they get ruder as the ninjas grow up! 😆


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