I’ve been listening to the debate between Sam Harris’ strong…

I’ve been listening to the debate between Sam Harris’ strong views on religion with Dan Carlin, host of Hardcore History.

I love history.
During my long drives and travel to client site, I’d ‘binge-listen’ to historical lectures on China (from Yao to Mao), Roman Grecko Empire, the Stuarts & Roses, Tudors etc.

See, the thing is that Historians have the benefit of hindsight, and while many might disagree on how/why things happen, there is an advantage of looking back at the big picture.

You can see the ripple of Butterfly Effect, and how one inconsequential incident could trigger a global event .

Will people learn from this pandemic?
History tells us no, not really.

Does it mean we shouldn’t try?
No, I don’t subscribe to that approach.

We might be shoved along by the current of time and history, but it doesn’t mean we cannot make an effort to make a difference to those around us.

Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” is a product of such a thinking.

Sometimes we get a project that do not have success markers – no business case, lack of integrity and leadership, political infighting, and unrealistic expectations.

When we are engaged as consultants to do a job, we do it.
To the best of our abilities.

I make sure that we create value where we can, that my team finds the engagement valuable, especially as a learning experience in terms of building character, resilience, and learning about human behaviour and psychology.

I make sure my enagements with my clients are honorable, and I choose to stand for what I believe in.


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