Kindness at Christmas, will it continue?

Kindness at Christmas. Will it continue throughout the year?

I’m volunteering at Crisis for Christmas, as a Samaritan and it never ceases to amaze me – the compassion and kindness from the other volunteers who give up their Christmas, and the guests, who share this time with strangers.

It gives me hope in this day and age, with what’s going on in the news and current events.

That we are still able to be human and connect with people.

That we can show kindness and compassion to strangers.

The is that we Chinese give out money in red packets during Chinese New Year to show the Money God how very generous we are, and therefore please bless us with good fortune and prosperity for the rest of the year. The intent is a little bit more self-serving.

Is this the same thing that’s happening at Christmas?

That the kindness is temporary because we want to feel like we’ve done our “bit” thinking and caring for others for the year ?

I’ve had some amazing conversations with the volunteers here, and have explored with them the idea of continuing to volunteer throughout the year by joining samaritan’s.

I am hopeful that they will continue to be kind, and spread the kindness in any way they can.

How will you ‘do’ kindness in 2020?


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