Sometimes I wish I could do the Vulcan mind-meld. 🖖🏻nnThe …

Sometimes I wish I could do the Vulcan mind-meld. 🖖🏻

The ability to directly connect my mind to yours, and transmit the message – along with the inherent meanings and symbolism, and have you absorb and understand all contextual nuances – would be utterly magical.

Unfortunately, that does not exist.

For us non-Vulcans, we need to follow some simple rules if we want to communicate effectively.
1. Know what we want to say
2. Understand if that message is coloured by any emotion or hidden agenda of our subconscious
3. Read the room (or the mood of our audience) and interpret – are they in a receptive state?
4. Frame that message into a language that is appropriate to their current state

What the audience will go through
1. Receive that message through the filter of their current state (i.e. mood of the moment)
2. Translate that message through the lens of their world view, or background (i.e. as a risk-averse lawyer, or an early adopter technology nerd)
3. Respond as appropriate

What we should then do, is to observe the feedback, reflect, and then if we feel that the message has not yet been received in the way that was intended – to reframe the message in a better way.

To get better at this, we need practice.
The one thing that helps the process tremendously, is the ability to build rapport, and to interrupt patterns, or state of behaviour so that any barriers to communication is broken down.

I cover these techniques on my Consulting Masterclasses in Dec, which is of no-charge to you if you’re #laidoff or #opentowork. DM me to find out more.

I still wish I could mind-meld though – especially when it comes to communicating with my kids! 😣


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