Substack vs Mailchimp?

Substack vs Mailchimp?
WIX/Blogger vs WordPress?
Fully Hosted vs DIY?

The answer to Buy vs Build depends on what you want, and whether you have the capability to do what you want.

So I’ve done some research on setting up email lists, and the Substack name keeps popping up, with reputable influencers endorsing it.

It sure does look like a very elegant solution, allowing people to focus on the ‘writing’, and taking away the marketing, the setting up and all the admin headache around running and growing an email list.

Unfortunately, customisation and data portablity is very high on my requirements, so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and try to learn Mailchimp, and attempt to create and grow my own newsletter and email audience.

Picking a product, much like picking a life partner – requires you to be very in tune with who you are, and what you’re looking for.

Selecting the default option that everyone else chooses, is a recipe for disaster (or divorce).
Sometimes, the mistake can be incredibly costly, when the collateral damage involves not only a financial aspect, but human lives as well in the shape of little human beings.

So – make sure you know what you want, so that you know you’ve got it when you get it.

Right now – I want some feedback.
I would love some new subscribers to my newsletter (link in comments), as I would like some good honest feedback.

Feel free to say: “Yay – good job” and then mash the Unsubscribe button.
Or: “That’s totally a fart joke Pei, you can do better.”

I’m a big girl, and I can take feedback. Bring it on! 😎

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