As a Samaritan’s volunteer…

As a Samaritan’s volunteer, I listen to people every week as they share the difficulties they are going through in their lives.

I don’t offer advice.
I don’t counsel.
I just listen.

Sometimes I ask some questions to get clarity.
I ask how they feel.
I find out how things have changed them.
I learn what changes them.
For better, or for worse.
I listen, and I come to understand, maybe just a bit – of their worldview.
I get a glimpse of what drives them, what moves them, what hurts them.
Sometimes they tell me why.

I listen.
No judgement.

It can be incredibly emotional.
But I always learn something deeply valuable about the human condition.
What makes us tick.
What makes us love.
What makes us brave.

What we’d die for.
What we’d live for.

All from just listening.
Do that for your loved ones, for those you care about.

Put your judgement in your pocket, and just listen.
Open your heart and open your mind.
Truly touch another human being.

You might learn something about them you never knew.
You might learn something about yourself you never knew. 🌹


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