“The Happiness of your Life depends on the quality of your t…

“The Happiness of your Life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

Marcus Aurelius was the last of the Five Good Emperors of Rome, and was a Stoic philosopher.

I’ve found the teachings of Stoicim to be hugely practical in this day and age, and am always amazed at its timeless quality – more so now, with what’s going on around us.

There’s so much that we cannot control, and that generally gives rise to so much fear and anxiety – especially since our most basic need feels threatened.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the mundane:
– house could be neater (but I’ve got a bed to sleep in)
– kids are bickering all the time (at least they are safe)
– have had back-to-back calls since 8am and my bum is frozen (I still have a job)
– everyday is like groundhog day (but I’m at home, not ICU)

It’s a daily practice in gratitude to shift that perspective.

I am also grateful to still be able to volunteer with Samaritans, to provide an ear and a safe space for many who may not have a support network around them to lean on.

Being able to talk to people who are really, viscerally being affected by Covid19, which is impacting them or their loved ones directly, really puts my own life in sharp perspective.

I note that when I take a break from my shifts, that I tend to get frustrated and anxious much quicker when I let little things get to me.

That means that I have to make an even more conscious effort to be grateful.

I’ve found that it’s difficult to hold a negative feelings in my heart when I am also feeling grateful, so for me – this is an important insight on my part.

It’s something that I’m trying to impart on my little ninja’s.
Not easy, but baby steps.
Baby steps.


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