We watched #Soul yesterday – me and the ninjas.nnThere’s a…

We watched #Soul yesterday – me and the ninjas.

There’s a scene where Joe gets a lesson in active listening with others, when he (in cat form) finds out how Soul 22 (who is in his body) engage with his regular barber.

Soul 22 had an interesting conversation with Dez who had really wanted to be a vet, but due to circumstances, ended up being a barber. And he was happy about how things turned out.

Joe hadn’t realised usually just talks about jazz, never once asking his barber about his life, and therefore not taking the opportunity to create deeper connections with others.

How often do we do that as we go about our life, engrossed in our daily thoughts, not lifting our heads and looking around?

It’s like walking past and ignoring all the doors that could lead to fascinating adventures and extraordinary experiences.

This one tube journey, when everyone had their eyeballs glued to their phones, I caught sight of a toddler who was fussing in his buggy.

His beautiful large eyes caught mine.
And we played ‘make silly faces’ for the next few stops until they had to get off.
His mum, who was on her phone, hadn’t even realised that he had shared a magical silly moment with a stranger on the underground.

Open your eyes.
Be curious.

You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find when you open your heart.