What do bank accounts have to do with high performing teams?…

What do bank accounts have to do with high performing teams?

Well, understanding the concept of Emotional Bank Accounts (EBA) – coined by Stephen Covey, has allowed me to become a better Project manager.

This metaphor is based on our understanding of how regular bank account works, except that it’s a bank account of #trust.

Here are 6 ways to make deposits:

1. Understand the individual.
This is done by active listening, and empathising with their point of view.

2. Keep commitments – don’t break promises

3. Clarify Expectations – communicate clearly to set expectations correctly

4. Attend to the little things – small acts of kindness

5. Showing Personal Integrity – make sure your thoughts, intentions, words and actions align

6. Apologise when we make a withdrawal – when we are unkind, disrespectful, apologise.

I make it a point to make continuous deposits in my team’s EBA, and this philosophy has paid me back many many times.

My team will have my back, which is especially critical when I sometimes drop one of the many balls that I carry.

We bond, and we go above and beyond for each other which results in a high quality delivery.

… and this, is why I do what I do.
And definitely not just for the donuts after go-live. 😋🍩