“What should we have in the ‘Gender’ picklist field? It’s n…

“What should we have in the ‘Gender’ picklist field? It’s now more than 2, right?”

“Business wants to collect number of children. Do we put an integer field or a picklist with ‘range’ of sprogs?”

Some of these questions can take a long time to get to a conclusion.

If you’ve hired a Consulting Partner to help you implement a new CRM system, there are many things you can do ‘offline’, that would save money.

For example, what type of fields and what information you collect is dependent on what kind of reporting and business intelligence you expect from your system.

Is it important to collect data about number of children?
Or what gender they identify with?

Why do you need that information?
Who is going to keep that information up to date (if it’s a time-specific one, like age of each child).

If you have a good Business Analyst in your company, make use of them to do your analysis before you engage your Consulting Partner.

That sentence alone ☝🏻 will save you so much ££

There are some Consulting Partners who have pure Business Analysts on their team, and they bring a wealth of experience so if you haven’t got an internal resource, this would be a good option.

Regardless, there is still quite a lot you can probably do yourself before engaging them, as it can be quite expensive to have a consultant sit in the same room as you argue about the number of officially recognised genders that you may not even care about in a busines context.


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