When mistakes happen

When mistakes happen, it is usually due to poor communication, and sometimes lack of the right resources.

Sometimes it’s due to competence, but I would hope that Consulting Partner’s recruitment strategy and internal L&D plan would make this a non-issue.

As a Project Manager with a Consulting Partner, I’ve always had very high expectations of the skills of my team. If the project is to be assigned a graduate, or a junior consultant, I make sure that their level of experience and skills are reflected in their day rate.

We owe our clients to be transparent about these sort of things, because inevitably – mistakes will happen, and it is our duty to ensure that they are limited in nature.

We need to make sure that we provide support to the more junior in our team, and help and build their confidence, the skills, and their resiliency until they can stand on their own.

Mistakes are valuable – they help us grow.

But not at the expense of our clients, and not without support – we don’t want to crash and burn.

We want to build strong, high performing teams, and the best way to do that is to nurture new members.


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