“Does he really hate me, or is he just having a bad day? Or …

“Does he really hate me, or is he just having a bad day? Or was he born a jerk??”

Everyone is shaped by their experiences, both good and bad.

People don’t speak up because they may have been admonished, punished, and maybe shamed for doing so.

Those confident enough to voice their thoughts and emotions may have had a very safe and secure childhood.

That means we need to view the personal and business interactions with people around us with a different perspective – one that acknowledges that there are many factors that affect how someone treats us.

You can ask the question, “Why are you being such a buttmunch to me today?”

But the answer you get will depend on their mood at that time, and the level of trust in your relationship.

Start with empathetic, active listening.
Most people don’t start life being a buttmunch.
They may be struggling with something in private.
Life might be beating them down.

Having an open, non-judgemental conversation may just unlock the door to a more open relationship.

Don’t be a banana and assume you know what’s going on in someone else’s life.
Always #bekind


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