How Consultancy project teams are assembled

Consultancy project teams are assembled based on availability, capability, and rate.

As a client, you might be promised “the best, most capable team in the company.”


The best TA might be eyeball deep on a different project for the next 6 months.

The expert Marketing Cloud specialist who has just completed a project with your competitor, has just flown to Finland to kick-start a Discovery session.

Consulting businesses strive to maximise resources. It is unlikely that they will hold “the best” team for you, unless you’re a big logo that they want on their portfolio. More so if there are delays in the signing of SoW or Proposal.

Delays could mean that your project team might be different than originally proposed.

As a PM, I always make sure that my team is fully capable of delivering what is expected. If (due to lack of availability of senior talent) I’ve been provided a junior resource, I make sure they have the support they need to do their job properly – perhaps a mentor.

Nothing should compromise the quality of our obligations.

If you believe that the Consulting project team isn’t up to scratch, please be candid with the PM, and escalate if necessary.

I do not condone sub-standard work. Neither should you.


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