Human skills & Life Skills

Why do people call these ‘soft’ skills when they should call them ‘life’ or ‘human’ skills?

Referring to something as ‘soft’ reduces its perceived importance, especially when listed as a line item in a Job Description.

I would love to see a JD that looks something like this:

“Looking for a smart, proactive, engaging #Salesforce Consultant who is a great listener, and is able to connect with our clients to truly understand their business issues by using insightful questions and peeling back layers of complexity.

“They are socially aware, and is able to tactfully manage diverse groups of stakeholders and help align goals to achieve successful outcomes.

“They have integrity, and work well with people that have similar core values, to create a powerful team that can tackle challenges with gusto.

“With their impeccable skills in (whatever) Cloud and conscientious work ethics, they can design and deliver a solution that will provide our clients with long lasting business success.”

.. and then I list down the desired experience, certifications or ‘hard skills’.

You do need to be good in your role, but I believe that more people lose jobs because of poor human and life skills.

That’s why I practice being a good human.
Not just for 🍩 😋


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