What would you do if you were the Donut 🍩 seller

What would you do if you were the Donut 🍩 seller?
I guess it depends.

Are you an over-deliverer…
A people pleaser?

Or an under-deliverer…
An I-should-not-give-too-much-because-reasons?

Or a juuuust exactly-righter…
Not an inch more, not an inch less?

You know what they say – you should always under promise and over deliver.
Apparently that’s how you make happy customers.

But should you do this when you are delivering on a contract as a Salesforce Partner?

Those who have done so, may find themselves continuously doing things for free, and bleeding both time and money, wondering how to apply a tourniquet to stem the flow.

So what should you do then?
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Suffice to say that I don’t think I’d be a good Donut 🍩 seller in real life…. I’d just eat up all my stock! 😋😋😋

I’d be poor… but happy! 🥰